Our School

Last Updated: 8/31/2021 1:07 PM

grad photoChartered by Grand Valley State University, Muskegon Covenant Academy is a high school for students ages 16-22 who have previously dropped out or are at-risk of not graduating on time.  We offer students the opportunity to earn a high school diploma. Our tuition-free school gets students on track and prepares them for life beyond high school. We accommodate busy schedules and difficult living arrangements by allowing students to work at their own pace and attend class half a day, year round.

We partner with a computer-based, K-12 education service for alternative schools, guided by caring and compassionate staff to educate our students. Our teachers are experienced, qualified and certified in their fields to ensure each student receives a quality education.

Our staff choose to work at Muskegon Covenant Academy because they believe all children can learn and every student deserves to be treated with absolute respect and unconditional love.


Flexible Schedule

Students attend class for half a day, but are welcome to stay all day on Tuesday, Wednesdays & Thursdays. 

Daily Class Hours: Mon-Fri
7:30 AM-12:00 PM

Afternoon Class Hours: Tu, Wed, Th
12:30 PM-3:30 PM



Many of our students are behind in credits and need more time to work towards graduation.

Open throughout the summer, our school offers year-round opportunities to earn a high school diploma.


Students who are parents are welcome to bring their child(ren) to school. 

​Children of students enrolled can attend the on-site daycare center for free. 


Students who are in need of housing are welcome to live at Covenant Hall.

Covenant Hall is located a block away from the school and offers dorm rooms in a home-like setting for students to live.

High School Diploma

Students need to complete 19 credits to earn their traditional, State of Michigan certified high school diploma.

Students must also demonstrate reading competency and create a Senior Portfolio to graduate.


As credits are earned, students graduate and finish throughout the year. 

Graduation celebrations are held twice a year in December and June.



Free bus tokens are provided and rides may be offered to students who need assistance getting to school.